Photo album of vintage snowmobiles and more 
Joe and Julie Kuchnicki    Brutus, Michigan    231 330 1549     
Larry Preischel's 1969 Rupp sno-sport GTX 740. This sled was  restored by Jim Errington in Sault, Ontario. Jim knows more about GTX Rupps than anyone I know of.
 Jeff Leuenberger and Greg Rugland seen here at Runway Park, Sault, Ontario, Canada.  MIRA points champions '05 - Jeff  Leuenberger and Troy Dewald won the '06 MIRA points championship
 73 Yamaha RT-1  360 and my old 71 SL 350 Honda
Larry Preischel's 1967 Rupp sno-sport GT-4.  4 cylinder aviation drone engine made by Hirth.  Restored by my dad, Tom Kuchnicki.
73 Yamaha GP 338 and 76 Exciter 340 Restored by Tom Lyle
89 Yamaha Inviter  with custom racer seat, windshield and handlebars. 
Shoei Motocross Helmet painted by Bobby Smutz of Flyin Kolors
Every heard of the Mystery Mover wheelie drag van?  It was builit by our family friend Jack Layton who was inducted into the  Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame  He owned Jacks Custom Shop in Howell, MI. It was a favorite place of mine to visit as a kid. They had all those cool snowmobiles and mini bikes!

1980 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 440. I co-drove this sled with Jim Ney during the 84-85 MIRA pro enduro season. This pic was taken at Lincoln on  January 12, 1985. We Qualified 13th and placed as high as 3rd on the board but went out with engine problems.  
1975 Rupp Nitro F/A  440. 2005 - Only Rupp to win on the Soo track. (20 lap Vintage Race) Throttle cable broke in the heat race and I thought it was over. The Sheppard race team from Canada loaned me a throttle cable so I could race. Their Merc Twister finished 2nd. I have raced this Rupp or parts of this 75 Rupp F/A since 1977. I raced my first race on the 75 F/A at 14 years old in Glennie, Michigan. CDI box failed after hot laps so I ended up on Ken Goldsmiths 76 Yamaha Exciter.
Sleds in our collection by year:
1965 Polaris Mustang w/8hp Kohler. Original unrestored. Ed Weimer from Indian River bought it new from Ferguson's in Traverse City for  $821.00 on January 4, 1965 when he lived in Rapid City, MI. I led the 2005 Moose Jaw Safari with this sled. It was a cold one that year but she ran just fine.
 1966 Rupp Sno-Sport w 250 JLO. First year of production. I had 2 of these. This one is serial # 07654 and the other is 07630.
 1967 Larson Eagle with a laydown 250 JLO. Stylish, yes? Love those coffee can headlight housings.
1967 Johnson Skee-Horse narrow track. The 362 cc engine is derived from an OMC Pioneer chainsaw. Elaine Price donated this sled to our collection. It was sold new at Walstrom Marine in Harbor Springs.
 1968 Rupp Sno-Sport S-281. It came with a Sachs 280 engine with a HR to HL carb size reducing manifold. This sled was sold new in Alanson Michigan by Ken Robinson at Highland Trails Sales in the old depot which is now a restaurant. It was sold new to Luverne Underwood on Snider rd. His nephew Terry Underwood rode on the sled with his uncle on the 69 Moose Jaw safari in Harbor Springs Michigan. Terry is riding it in these pics in 2006 for the first time since 1969.
 1969 Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz 300 originally owned by Vern LaCount near Harbor Springs. 
                            *Now belongs to collector Mike Kyser from Jonesville, Michigan*
1970 Mercury 250   The single headlight honeycomb grill is from a 69 model. This is one of my favorite sleds. It was improved by former Mercury employee's Wally Rasmussen and John Fryman from Fond Du Lac, WI. They added a lighter track and slide suspension from a 73 Arctic Panther, a Kioritz reed valve engine from a newer Merc, Scorpion pull back handlebars, and aluminum skis from a Grand Prix snowmobile. I fitted an AAEN exhaust from an Indy, dual carbs on a Liquifire manifold, grip heaters and clutch work. I also installed a CDI ignition using components from a Rupp Tohatsu engine. I hand filed the new keyslot in the flywheel. It now has good, hot, consistent spark. She lifts the ski's and has done 70 mph on radar!  Now it needs a better suspension.... 
1969 Scorpion Mark II S-300  Rotary 303. Kelsey Mase in SK now enjoys this sled
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1970 Moto-Ski SM 295  First snowmobile I owned. I bought it when I was 11 or 12 yrs old. It had been ridden hard but it ran and drove. The 293 Sachs was upgraded with 320 kit, port work, and a HD carb after I seized it during a "tuning session". I rode it on my first Moose Jaw safari in 1975. After a season or two I sold it. bought it back 20 years later after spotting it behind a barn near Larks Lake, MI. It was in  rough shape. Bob Smutz, Monte Scott and my dad were very helpful getting this sled restored. 26 years later (2001) I rode it on the Moose Jaw Safari... The pic with 3 sleds is from 1975. That's me and my brothers on Moto-Ski Cadets that we rode when they weren't being rented at my dad's store.
Doug Flannery's 1973 Polaris Starfire 650. Nice old Michigan oval sled. It was raced by Forest Grove Farm Equipment mostly at the Hudsonville, Michigan fairgrounds. Terry Underwood spotted this sled in a bargain corner ad  for $ 299 around 2004 or 5. 
It's been raced by Doug's son Kevin at Martin Dragway. The first time out on a test pass it ran 11.08@104.95.  It will also see some winter racing again including Eagle River.  
1970 Ski Doo T'NT 292  Slide suspension.  Last model T'NT to use  bubblenose hood.. .  
1972 Yamaha GP 292  Has G.Y.T. expansion chamber. Last year of round headlight. Now owned by Robbie LaCroix
1972 Johnson Skee Horse 30 - From Jim Szocynski Harbor Springs, MI
1971 Rupp Sprint 34 Powered by CCW 340. Mom had one just like it in 1971 as seen in pic with me towing brothers Paul and Phil in cutter. Brought this one home from Long Lake in Cheboygan in 2009 or 10 and rode it on 2011 Moose Jaw Safari. Installed 1991 Polaris Indy rear suspension and track. Julie gave it a ride in 2014
1972 Alouette Villain 440   Not yet restored. Original. Being restored by Dennis Bill
1974 Rupp Nitro II 440 
1974 Rupp Nitro II 440 - We sold this sled new to Chuck Pemberton from Harbor Springs. It may have been sold in 75 as it has the 75 decal kit Rupp had dealers add to unsold 74 models.
1985 Polaris Indy 600 
for sale:
1972 Johnson Challenger
1981  John Deere Spitfire
1969 Rupp Sno-Sport. Powered by 71 440 Sachs twin. Sled was originally powered by 370 Sachs single with electric start. I added 1988 Polaris Suspension and track. Seat and tool box from 1973 Rupp Sport. This was my 2013/14 winter project. Had no idea it was going to go this far.  60 MPH on GPS
Machines we have owned
1976 Yamaha Exciter
1970 Chaparral Firebird 399 
Restored and currently On Display at Top of the Lake Museum in Naubinway
1973 Moto Ski F-440 - First sled we sold as a dealer. Frank Keelean family purchased a 340 and 440 in Highland Michigan before we moved up north.
1970 Rupp Sprint  / Magnum  (Pic shows 71 Magnum hood)
1972 Speedway 340 Nicely restored by Dennis Bill from Flint, MI Now owned by Shane Steel in Ontario
1970 Rupp Sno Sport Sprint 29 Sachs 293. Old pics show my brother Paul and I riding our first Rupp (Sprint 29) near Highland, MI. I Rode the 50th annual Moose Jaw Safari with the one I restored and had to stop and free the stuck needle on carb along the way.
73 Moto-Ski S-400 Moose Jaw '06  with Julie on her 06 MXZ.
1971 Honda SL70 and SL350 both built in 3/71.
 1971 Yamaha SS 433 Original Condition Runs and Rides great $3000                            Video Link